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Helping you get ahead. Helping to bridge the gap between you and financial freedom.


Columbia Capital Partners is an investment and syndication firm that works with investors to help them develop a wholistic investment strategy to achieve their financial goals.


Columbia Capital Partners provides investment opportunities that offer cash flow, equity growth, tax benefits, and diversification. Our goal is to compliment conventional financial market investments with investments into real assets that provide tax benefits and, at times, exceed traditional market returns.

Real Estate

Real Estate is the most proven asset class in the world. It is also one of the most tax-friendly asset classes. This investment space is generally associated with equity growth.

Residential Buildings

The Government incentivizes investment into the energy sector by providing great tax-advantages associated with energy investments. These types of investments are also generally coupled with high cash-flow returns.


We work with partners to provide investment opportunities in a wide variety of asset classes including ATMs, car Washes, and start-up companies. These investments typically provide a balance of tax-advantages, cash flow, and equity growth. 

Red Car
Example Investment Solutions 

High Earner

Success in a corporation, or as a service provider can result in a great salary. However, this is often paired with a high taxes from ordinary income. Investment opportunities exist that can be helpful in addressing this tax liability.  


Liquidity Event

Many people have worked hard for a long time to build great organizations and feel robbed at the time of sale due to the large tax liability. This can cause uncertainty and can even prevent owners from selling. There are ways to reinvest the funds from the sale and retain the money that you have earned.  


Fixed Income

While traditional markets had a great run for a very long time, recent history is not so. Some who are reliant on a fixed income to provide a comfortable retirement are starting to question if it is possible. Most people don't realize that you can use your 401K and qualified funds to invest in Real Estate, Energy, and other investments that can provide financial growth, a hedge against inflation and diversity in the portfolio that they have worked so hard to build. When markets aren't cooperating we believe this is a great alternative.

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