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We work with partners to provide investment opportunities in a wide variety of asset classes ranging from ATMs to car washes to start-up companies. These investments typically provide a balance of tax-advantages, cash flow, and equity growth. 

Tax Info

- Limited partners (passive investors) get to take part in tax benefits associated with the project

- Tax benefits can vary based on the investment, but are generally better than real estate investments


This investment category was included to illustrate the broad spectrum of investment opportunities that we have access to. This category is generally used to help investors to develop a customized, wholistic investment strategy that fits their situation. This might involve investing in precious metals or a cocoa farm in Belize as a hedge against the dedollarization of the US dollar, or investment into a new start-up venture. Or this might involve investing into a high-depreciation/high-cash flow ATM fund to address a unique tax situation.

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